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Love Listens Best

Many people like to talk. Few people like to listen. ~ But, Love Listens Best. To listen well you must enter conversation looking for ways to give love, not for ways to get love. You must be genuinely interested in offering her a safe place where she can be heard,...

How to gain inward strength and wholeness

God has created you for relationship But, not at the cost of your own soul.   Stuffing your vulnerable and weak feelings you begin suppressing your emotions. Staying strong to keep your tears from ever spilling you begin neglecting your needs, minimizing your...
Being Heard Makes You Feel Strong

Being Heard Makes You Feel Strong

Ever want someone to just listen to you and not give advice? Being heard makes you feel strong. Like you can finally hear your own thoughts, and make better sense of what you want your attitude to be, or understand what you must do next. Once in a while you want to...
How to move from Fear & Pretense to Joy & Honesty

How to move from Fear & Pretense to Joy & Honesty

First fear arrives, then lures me into pretend mode. These make-believe thoughts hurry me on to build fences for my protection.   Do you ever believe you are not talented enough . . .                 not good enough, fast enough, likeable enough, kind enough, not...

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