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Are You Lonely?

Are You Lonely?

It’s been some time since I read the bible and at this time of year I felt a need to connect and hear the Lord.   And he said,  “My thoughts are not your thoughts . . .” My husband has told me . . . Read More Kristina Peterson is a dedicated mom...

Toe Dipper?

by Jeanne Kjellman When you are faced with a body of water, do you plunge right in or are you a toe dipper? You know what I mean . . .   those who carefully test the temperature with a tiny dip of their toe and then slowly decide if the temperature is worth the joy of...
Shaking Like a Leaf

Shaking Like a Leaf

  I knew this semester was gonna be a doozy. With a few doctors appointments and a name for my nervousness, there was a hill ahead of me I needed to climb. A few weeks into the semester I was experiencing defeat after defeat, and it had only been two weeks. Lydia...

The Power of Connection

by Melanie Fyock I am abundantly blessed with wonderful, spiritually mature friends. I can, without hesitation and in total transparency, share any burden with Valerie, Anna, Dory, Susan, or Maureen. I can open my heart completely to any of them with certain knowledge...

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