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How to be Emotionally Resilient & Inwardly Strong

God created you to be inwardly strong, emotionally resilient, and to have great relationships. If you’re not inwardly strong and resilient, it could cost you your soul.     Stuffing your vulnerable and weak feelings you suppress your emotions. When you...

Wordless, Yet Powerful Conversation

Yes, a conversation can be wordless.  And yes, a wordless conversation can be powerful.  It may well be one of the deepest blessings you, or I, will receive. A conversation with gaps of silence, with someone you don’t know very well, feels odd. However, a...

How to Turn an Ordinary Day into an Extraordinary One

It was an ordinary day,  doing ordinary work,              UNTIL It stopped wringing the clothes. The washer. What a nuisance. Guess I’ll be wringing clothes out by hand until we get a new one. Oh bummer.  Another step, and more time. I wasn’t counting on this. How...

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