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Wonder & Making Plans: Redefining Adventure

by Leslee Clark  It is 7:03 AM.   I hear a little knock on my door.     I lie still, hoping my silence will be a deterrent to the three year-old on the other side. “Blella?  Blella, are you up?” comes the little voice through the door.   So it is, that my first choice...

Because of You!

From Joy … Dear Heart Working Women, It was delightful to meet so many of you at our premiere Heart Working Women Event. The conference decorations joyfully arranged at the Harrison House for November 5th have been taken down, the delicious food we shared...

Timeless Wonder

by Julie Leppert I watch my friend’s back now turned toward me as she boards the Amtrak passenger train in downtown Cumberland, MD. In the heart of the Allegheny mountains, she steps up into its entrance as I call out her name. “Leslee!!!” She can’t...

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