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When her car stalled smack in the middle of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, she was not motivated to try moving it out of harms way, nor to put flares around it warning others of impending disaster.

As Christians, we often think we should reject our negative emotions because they are not helpful or godly. But, this is not true. Read more here. 

That dark September night, Stacey (our fictional character in a previous blog) was oblivious to encroaching danger.


She eliminated all negative emotions from her life * including fear, worry, and dread* because she thought they were ailments that needed to be banished.


The fact is, she desperately needed the message her negative emotions were giving her. They would be a life-light warning her of impending danger.


She needed to recognize them and heed their message.


Nobody likes to feel bad.


However . . .

disowning your negative emotions leads to disconnection and perhaps disaster.


But . . .

dwelling on your bad feelings isn’t the solution either.


The answer lies in gaining enough awareness of your emotions so you can recognize something is wrong. With this information, you can make appropriate decisions to safely move forward in life.

It’s highly unusual for someone to sit in a stalled vehicle in the night in the middle of a busy road like Stacey did without any concern whatsoever. It’s far more likely that someone in that situation would do everything possible to prevent disaster from occurring.


Unlike Stacey’s situation, a real to life scenario would include negative emotions and be similar to the following.


With almost no warning, Janine’s vehicle stops cold.


Her black Toyota SUV is instantly and completely invisible in the dark night.


Frightened by the thought that in only seconds a tragic collision would likely end her life along with the oncoming travelers, she desperately pumps her brakes thinking possibly the brake lights might glow making her vehicle visible. She pumps them once, twice, and again for what seems to be a thousand times.


Knowing it’s not only her life at stake, and with a hope that she could spare others lives,


Bravely, Janine chooses to remain in the SUV pumping her brakes rather than climbing out to secure her own safety. If she had she clung to her negative emotions she would have panicked and become unable to think clearly, putting herself and others in further jeopardy.


In her rear view mirror she sees a racing cluster of head lights swerving to the left just in time to miss her.


Then a pause in traffic.


In the next breath, another string of vehicles switching lanes barely avoiding her.


Piercing the thick black night a tractor-trailer comes barreling behind her, and within feet


of a collision, it yields into the left lane.


Nervously, Janine grasps her phone and calls 911.

In dread, Janine continues pumping the brakes hoping a glow of light will save lives with its warning.


Just as lungs need air to sustain life, so Janine and those behind her need light.


A life-light.


Within minutes, miraculously, a driver pulls up behind Janine’s SUV. Its dazzling lights shining from inside the car’s windshield, flinging a multitude of lights onto her vehicle, and diverting traffic into the passing lane.


The message got through. All are safe.



your negative emotions give needed messages important to your well being.


Transformation Prayer Ministry is a life-light that allows you to see your situation and gain the ability to act wisely.

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