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As Christians, we often think we should reject our negative emotions because they are not helpful

or godly. But, this is not true.

Hanging onto negative emotions is not healthy, but being oblivious to them is not healthy either.


As a ridiculously extreme example of someone blocking out her negative emotions, consider the following fiction scenario.


It’s a late Thursday night in September, and Stacey is driving along the Pennsylvania Turnpike, when

suddenly her black Toyota SUV stops cold in the middle of the road.


Unable to get it off the road she sits in her vehicle and remains a prime target in the crosshair of

oncoming motorists. In her rear view mirror she sees a racing cluster of head lights swerve to

the left just in time to miss her.


Stacey sees no need to make her vehicle more visible to others. She has no motivation to try to get it

moving again, nor makes any attempt to call 911.


She’s not depressed. In fact, she’s quite happy about her life. She has no negative feelings at all.

Oddly, she thinks it’s interesting to watch from inside her vehicle as the cars and trucks continue to

swerve around and barely miss hitting her.


She has no negative emotions. No inner alarm system telling her something is wrong. No awareness of

danger because she has ‘overcome’ all her negative emotions.


 This bizarre story vividly communicates  ~  negative emotions have value.


Clearly negative emotions are God’s gift.


Holding onto negative feelings is not healthy, but being oblivious to them is not healthy either.

You are in danger when you deny your negative emotions.


Being enough aware of them to receive their specific message for you is key.


Jesus said “. . . he who follows Me will not walk in the darkness, but will have the Light of life.” John 8:12 NASB


As you think about your emotions you are practicing

• emotional intelligence

• and Relational Wisdom (Ken Sande’s 3 dimensional emotional intelligence)

• using the following questions you are practicing a portion of the Transformational Prayer Ministry.

              What comes to mind as you focus on that feeling?

Why do you feel that way?

Is any portion of what you are feeling being felt towards any person or anything?


God is giving you guidance through your negative emotions along with godly counsel.


If you immediately deny, resist, or block out your negative emotions you will miss their important life-

giving messages as they match up with God’s word.

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