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Jimmy Stewart, the well loved movie star, adivsed his twin daughters (Judy and Kelly) before leaving for college,

“Remember this, be kind to everyone.”


The Stewart twins grew up in a loving and happy environment which probably made it relatively easy to extend kindness to everyone.


However, it’s difficult to be kind to others when inwardly disconnected, struggling, or angry.


Over the last few weeks, I’ve been blogging about anger and what it looks like when it’s processed in healthy ways. You can read the blogs here and here.


However, sometimes anger disguises itself. Don’t let it fool you.


As it twists inward and latches onto festering lies, it can slide on a bridge to depression.


But it’s not a good bridge.


You want, and need, a bridge that can lead you to a better place.


As Christians, we often get confused about anger.


Do you ever think, “I shouldn’t be angry. That’s not how a Christian acts.” . . . ?

So then you wonder . . . what should you do with your anger?


 1. It is important to understand the following


Your common daily emotions are

God’s continuous invitations

motioning you to higher ground.


  2. You’ll want to be aware of the following


You don’t want to get stuck in a quagmire of

negative emotions and memories that pull you

down, but you do want to be enough aware of

your emotions to receive the information they have

for you.


Your emotions are God-given messages loaded with timely information. Learning to think about your negative emotion, identifying the lie that has caused it, and then offering that to the Lord for His truth, will give you a bridge to a brighter future. 

This is Transformation Prayer Ministry in a nutshell.


3. The following two resources will be helpful


• Purchase the live video Transformed: the Power of Grace in Relationship Here 

• Learn about Transformation Prayer Ministry Here 


Gratefully Yours,


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