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It was one of the loneliest days of my life . . .

The bus driver said it was the last stop and told me I had to get off.

My little eight year old brain was a bit confused that day.

The first day in my new school was really different.

I loved my old school.

Before my family moved we lived right in the middle of a tiny town.

One of the delights of small town living, for me, was walking to school.

All the school age children from the whole town walked to school and home, not only once a day, but twice a day

because we went home for lunch.

In fact, I never rode a school bus until that fateful day.

The day I was told I had to get off the bus.

I thought I probably wasn’t too far from my new home, and if I walked a bit I would soon be home.



After about fifteen minutes of wandering around, I realized I was lost. 

I was scared, lonely, and feeling desperate

because I thought this was how “bums” came to be.

And now I was one.

I believed I was not going to find my way back to my family any time soon,

and perhaps NEVER.

With tears streaming down my cheeks, I decided it was time to make a plan.

The grocery store I walked by would be my answer. Just before the store would close I’d go in, stay there overnight, and

take the food off the shelves. That’s how I would eat because I had no money.

Life would be lonely, but I figured I could at least survive.


Within the next hour, a woman in a little white VW pulled up close to me, and called out my

name with a lift in her voice at the end (not being one hundred percent sure it was me).

I had no idea who she was . . .

but she was welcoming me into her world.

I jumped in the car with her.

I would have jumped in the car with anyone who opened their door to me that day.

Whether that person was safe or not . . .

I was willing to do anything that would possibly rescue me from my homeless fate.

Thankfully, Tim was a safe person.

It turns out she was a family friend who knew we had moved back in the area.

Amazingly, she recognized me.


I had not seen her in four years yet she recognized me even as I was sobbing along side the

road. Keep in mind a little girl changes a good bit between the ages of four and eight.


I think Tim was an incredible detective.

However, for the rest of my mother’s life, she knew Tim was my guardian angel.


Do you ever lose hope?


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Ever feel lonely?

Ever feel like you have no solutions or alternatives?

Do you ever feel lost or confused about how you’ll make it through another day?

Or wonder how you’ll ever be able to reconnect with what’s important to you?

Life can be confusing at times for all of us.

Sometimes we may lose hope of finding our way back home.

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