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Awkward awareness shoots tingles down your spine as the words on her facebook post flash on the screen. Thrust into the midst of her raw pain and anger, intimate details bleed through her published words as if you are her bosom friend. Embarrassed for her as the inappropriate public parading of too much heart and gut information gets exposed.

Her desperate need for deep significant connection has hurled her into unhealthy vulnerability. This type of vulnerability repeatedly divides and disconnects at the heart level.

Research is showing us over and again that not only is there valuein relationship, but also there is a particular type of relationship which causes us to flourish.

Our health and happiness is directly related to our ability to connect with others in a significant way. The qualitative researcher, Brene Brown, tells us that vulnerability is key.


Healthy life-giving vulnerability springs up within safe relationships.


See examples of this in the live video recording of the Heart Working Women Retreat. A poignant example is at56:06. Get it here.

The dire need for safe place to connect is real. We aredesigned to be deeply relating to othersnot languishing inisolation, but growing side by side.


“Loneliness kills. It’s as powerful as smoking or alcoholism.”

Robert Waldinger, director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development.

In 1938 scientists began tracking 268 Harvard sophomores during the Great Depression. Seventy-five years later we have some eye-opening data identifying the importance of friendships and relationships in our over all health.

The study reveals ~ “it’s the quality, depth, and honesty of your relationships that count. The ability to relax and be seen for who you really are is what’s critical to your happiness and health.”


There is amazing value in being vulnerable . . .


It is key to meaning in life as we relate with others in significant ways.


God created relationship to be vulnerable, open, and without brokenness. Research is giving His design for relationships an AMEN.


Get the live video recording of the Heart Working Women Retreat here.


In the live video you will learn more about this type of relationship. We dive deeper into how to experience this kind of relationship with others and within yourself. Get a live recording of it here.

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