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Disconnection . . .

it all starts right here.

In me.
Between my head and my heart.

In you.
Between your head and your heart,
your thoughts and your feelings,
your brain and your gut.

We may all long for a kinder gentler country, community, church, or school, but none of us alone can change a culture, we can only change one person.

That one person is ourself.
And that change is with God’s help, and not something we do on our own.

The only way our personal change is possible is with God’s grace.

Think about it. How many times did you say you were going to stop doing this or that, or start doing these things and those. Change, in the form of growth and transformation is a tall order. To be transformed means to be totally changed, altered, reshaped reformed, re-imagined, . . . re-engaged, . . . re-designed . . .

The connection between your head and heart, your brain and your core has a potential to radically change your deep waters.
But we resist change and especially the kind of change which is totally altering and reshaping. After all, even if life is not going well, at least it’s is familiar. The familiarity has a sort of comfort all its own.

Life has probably not been easy for many of you.

My story of getting this far along in life was not smooth either.

The events over the years, the rejection, the lies from within and without, decades of hesitation and pause, my physical pain, and loss, all have converged as God has brought me safely to this point and time with you for a purpose far grander than what you, or I, probably realize.

I was born into the church. Really. My father was a pastor of a brand spanking new church, and without a building completed, on Sundays my nursery became the Sunday School room. I have seen the church from many angles over the last 58 years. First as a pastor’s kid, then as a pastor’s wife. (Though I said I would never marry a pastor, and he wasn’t when I married him. LOL) But, all is good. It seems I was destined.

As a child we moved from congregation to congregation about every four years. Starting over with each move, my family and I became part of the new church family. Through the years I experienced many life-giving relationships in the church. Their fragrance and memory encourages me even today.

The opposite is also true, however, the destructive interactions and unhealthy relationships I observed and experienced, linger with me when their memories are triggered.

Harmful relational patterns, and disconnection which created havoc in people’s lives, are sadly continuing today through the generations bringing injury again and again.

But there is hope. Because God makes all things new! God is at busy at work in your life and mine. His grace is evident in our lives simply by the fact that we are here together.

God is among us calling us to connect to Him and His heart.

“The hour has come for us to shake loose from our hiding and fear . . . To wake up from our slumber . . . put aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light.” (Rom 13:11-12)

This is His message not mine.

He is calling us to proclaim His good news . . . so He can bind up the brokenhearted, so He can bestow on those who grieve a crown of beauty instead of ashes, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.

He is calling us to connection & wholeness within ourselves, connection & unity with one another, and connection & healing with HIm.

Trusting you will join me in this call to connection . . .

I’m continuing to enjoy lingering thoughts of being with those of you who were at the Heart Working Women Retreat, and trusting it was an inspirational and transformational time for you there.  I’m looking forward to being with you again face to face.

Those of you who were unable to be present, I look forward to being with you someday, but am delighted we are connecting virtually!

If you would like a recording of the retreat “Transformed: The Power of Grace in Relationship” we will have both video and audio available in the next few weeks!


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