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From Joy …

Dear Heart Working Women,

It was delightful to meet so many of you at our premiere Heart Working Women Event.

img_4179 The conference decorations joyfully arranged at the Harrison House for November 5th have been taken down, the delicious food we shared together has disappeared, and each of us have gone back to our individual routines.

However, our conversation has truly just begun.

We warmly welcome YOU to listen in on, or join, our ongoing conversations even if you were not able to attend the conference.  

You can join the continuing conversation for Heart Working Women on Facebook; simply search for “Heart Working Women” and jump right in with us!  

img_4132In the short time since we gathered we are thrilled to know that some of you have started to form your own CORE groups. And we are elated to hear others of you are stretching into Bloom activities.

Thanks to you, the conference was a success.

Please let us know how things are progressing for you and how we can be of assistance in getting you to the next place you want to go. We are here for you.

For those who were unable to attend, we missed your presence . . . yet joyfully anticipate connecting with you at our upcoming April 29, 2017 conference.

Joy to you & yours!

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