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Grateful for You

by | Dec 30, 2016

Traditionally each Christmas, we turn back the clock of time a couple dozen years, and pull out the home videos to watch our once-little children open their Christmas presents all over again. Seeing their joyful tiny faces and hearing their squeals of glee is splendid.

My racing thoughts suddenly mellow into sweet satisfying memories of the days Legos, Lincoln Logs, building blocks, and The Chronicles of Narnia found their way into my three sons cheerful small hands and hearts.

Though they are now young men ages 25, 21, & 16, and into cars, college, and careers . . . these Christmas presents have been lasting friends. Friends that have helped them grow and inspired their thinking.

Likewise, you, my friends, have helped me grow and are inspiring my thinking.

In 2016 I began blogging regularly, created http://heartworkingwomen.com/ website, and with the help of my talented brain trust launched our premiere HWW Conference. I’m living “Out of my Pockets” now. And looking forward to inspiring you to “Live Out of your Pockets” in 2017.

I’m grateful for each of you who’ve signed up for our newsletter, read and commented on our blogs, and contributed as a guest blogger.

A special shout-out to those of you who ventured out to our premiere HWW conference.

Your feedback is appreciated. 🙂

As we stay grafted to The Vine, and share from our pockets, God’s message through us will continue to fine tune and focus.

I’m thrilled to know that at least four CORE groups were birthed at the conference in November. As a result I’m creating support/training material for these groups. So please let me know if you are participating in a CORE group and how it’s going. If you are interested in one please contact me so we can be in communication.

Below is a video clip from our November 5th conference at White Sulphur Springs

Out of pocket blessings to you for a life-giving 2017!



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