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Heart Working Women of Western Pennsylvania is hosting its premier conference Saturday, Nov. 5, at the historic White Sulfur Springs, Manns Choice, Pa.



The conference, an outreach branch of Heart Working Women, will launch as a decade-long vision of Bedford County resident Joy Thacker. Joy says Heart Working Women is designed to equip and connect women throughout the region offering them creative tools to engage in life-giving relationships.

Joy, a pastor’s wife of 20 some years and a nationally certified counselor and relational therapist, says her inspiration for connecting women has been born and nurtured through her life experiences, the most significant one having been her own mother.

I didn’t realize how much significance that held for me until I realized not every mom was nurturing like mine, and, that, of course, wasn’t until I was much older,” Joy said recently as she recalled her mother’s kind, loving nature mixed with a positive outlook toward life.

Having been raised in a pastoral home, Joy laughs and says she never intended on being the wife of a pastor. However, when her husband, Rob, felt drawn to leave his role as a computer systems manager over 20 years ago, she anticipated new beginnings and looked forward to connecting with families and women in community which has led them on a journey that has included four pastoral moves, three in Pennsylvania and one to Ohio.

As the concept and vision for Heart Working Women has taken root and been clarified, Joy anticipates the arrival of a dear friend from Ohio whom she mentored there. “This woman and my friendship with her signifies for me the work of Heart Working Women. I have been able to connect in significant ways with women, but then the connections are disrupted with a move to a different location. The context of Heart Working Women provides the flow for those connections to continue. It carves out a space for continuity and encouragement in relationships, not only for me, but for many women in our busy culture when it can be difficult to maintain heartfelt, life-giving connection with themselves, with their families and communities, and with God.”

The premier event for Heart Working Women scheduled this fall invites women to a life-giving day of connections and will feature inspiration for transforming negative self-talk to life-giving self-talk in a community of safety.

Negative self-talk interferes with our daily functioning, our relating with our family and friends, and even with ourselves. It cuts us off from the joyful life God has for us,” Joy explains.

The conference will feature guest speakers including Joy and her CORE sister, Jenn Ream, and author Trish Lenzi with a focus on authentic sharing to encourage and to model real connectivity among women who feel a need for stronger ties with their faith, themselves, and their families.

Jenn and Trish represent two friendships in which Joy has invested in and grown in over a span of decades (with Trish) and more recently with Jenn who is a gifted speaker and helps with the family farm in Somerset County.

CORE — Christ Ordered Restored and Empowered — is a small group of non-judgmental women who connect weekly for the purpose of supporting and encouraging each other and facilitating relational and spiritual growth. CORE, in addition to HWW events, is another branch of Heart Working Women.

Also, BLOOM founder Lorraine Adams will be attending and explaining hospitality and creative concepts for local communities, as well.

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Facebook events page at:

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